Litter & Dog Bins


Whilst the Parish Council believe it is the responsibility of both dog owners and residents to clear up and take home the mess they or their dogs make, we do provide “as a convenience” both dog and litter bins around the parish.  These bins are purely paid for by the Parish Council and form a large part of the annual precept costs.

Dog Bins

The Parish Council provides a total of 35 dog bins around the parish.  Both the red and green dog bins around the parish are clearly marked for dog waste only. You might be wondering why there are two different colour bins.  Milton Keynes has a lot of land that is owned and managed by the Parks Trust and they clearly stipulate that any bins that the Parish Council wishes to install on their land, should be green.  Whilst green as a colour is very environmentally friendly, the majority of Parish Council’s install red dog waste bins to ensure that they are clearly visible.

Click on the link for locations (currently being updated).

REMEMBER, be responsible and respect other residents around you, clean up after your dog!

Litter Bins

The Parish Council provides a total of 20 litter bins around the parish.  Most of our bins are dual black metal bins, which are marked with our parish name and should have a number.  There are also a number of bins that are owned and managed by Milton Keynes Council, so this can be confusing at times.

Click on the link for locations (currently being updated).

We recently went out to tender and have awarded A H Contracts, a locally based company, the contract for servicing and maintaining our bins around the parish.

Should you notice any broken or overflowing bins around the parish, please don’t hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk, referencing the bins number where possible!