We welcome the public to our meetings!

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Please note: Due to the Covid19 outbreak, the Parish Council are not currently holding physical meetings. Parish Council meetings are being held virtually, using Microsoft Teams. Links for the public to view the meetings are published with the agendas.

All meetings of the council are open to the public.  We welcome residents where legally able and practically possible to do so. Full council meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month, although this may be changed occasionally.

There is an opportunity at the beginning of each meeting for members of the public to raise issues which they feel ought to be brought to the attention of the Parish Council. This is not a question and answer session nor an opportunity for debate. These are the rules set down for Parish Councils to abide by. However, all questions raised about a specific item on the published agenda are noted and discussed in Council and replies are given later, by appropriate means. Any items raised by the public that are not listed on the published agenda, will be added to a future agenda for further discussion and response.

If you think it would be wise to inform the Council of an issue needing our attention at a Parish Council meeting then please contact the Clerk no later than a week before the published meeting date and this will be added to the agenda for discussion.

Agendas for meetings are displayed on our public noticeboards and on our website, usually five days before the meeting is due to take place. Both agendas and meeting minutes are available to the public on request to the Parish Clerk or by clicking on the links below.

Minutes are taken at each meeting by the Parish Clerk and are displayed as DRAFT until approved at the following meeting.

All meeting start at 7.30pm and are held at the Parish Council offices, Room 11, 11 Winchester Circle, Kingston Centre, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BA (this location may change sometimes so make sure you check the agenda beforehand).

Click here to view the Council’s calendar of meetings for 2020-21.

12th October 2020Parish Council MeetingClick hereClick here to join the meeting
6th July 2020Parish Council MeetingClick hereClick here to join the meeting
14th September 2020Parish Council MeetingClick hereClick here to join the meeting
8th June 2020Parish Council MeetingClick hereClick here to join the meeting
18th May 2020Parish Council MeetingClick hereClick here to join the meeting
18th May 2020Annual Meeting of CouncilClick hereClick here to join the Annual Meeting of Council
15th April 2020Parish Council MeetingClick hereClick here to join Parish Council Meeting
11th November 2019Parish Council MeetingClick here
24th February 2020Parish Council MeetingClick here
22nd January 2020Extraordinary Council MeetingClick here
13th January 2020Parish Council MeetngClick here
14th October 2019Parish Council MeetingClick here
7th August 2019Extraordinary Council MeetingClick here
29th July 2019Parish Council MeetingClick here
23rd March 2020Extraordinary Council MeetingClick here
9th March 2020Parish Council MeetingClick here
24th June 2019Parish Council MeetingClick here
13th May 2019Annual Meeting of CouncilClick here
13th May 2019Ordinary Meeting of CouncilClick here