About the Parish Council

Who we are & what we do

Kents Hill and Monkston Parish Council, representing the first tier of local government, serves the residential areas of Kents Hill, Monkston, Monkston Park and the industrial and shopping areas of Brinklow and Kingston. The council, together with the Clerk, provides, manages and deals with local ser

vices and issues of concern to/from residents. The Parish Councillor’s are volunteers who live within the parish and are elected by residents to represent them in specific geographical areas.

Details of Councillor’s can be found on our website under Your Councillor’s, on our parish noticeboards and in our quarterly newsletter inFACT, which is delivered to every household within the parish. They meet on a monthly basis with the exception of August. However, sometimes extra meetings are convened for special reasons.

We have 11 Councillor positions representing our ward as follows:
5 for Monkston and Kingston (currently 1 vacancy available)
4 for Kents Hill and Brinklow (currently 1 vacancy available)
2 for Monkston Park (currently 1 vacancy available)

Our Work

Our work falls into three main categories:

  • Representing the local community
  • Delivering services to meet local needs
  • Striving to improve the quality of life in the parish

The Parish Council is there to represent you, and drive forward the initiatives that you identify as being important to our community. We welcome all your views and encourage you to attend our meetings or become involved in our committees, working parties or community groups. You are welcome to contact any member of the council or the clerk about local issues – Contact Us

The Parish Council has no political affinities, but we work closely with the Milton Keynes Ward Councillor’s who represent our area.

Our Mission

  • Serving in the community, for the community
  • Working closely in partnership with Milton Keynes Council
  • Seeking to optimise the Parish precept funds to meet local needs
  • Maintaining a fair, open, honest and non political standard of local government at ground roots level

Kents Hill and Monkston Parish Council undertakes the following activities/services on behalf of local residents:

– Representation on local issues e.g planning applications/consultations within the parish
– Provision and management of allotment plots
– Provision and management, supported by volunteers, of local events e.g annual Fete
– Provision of school holiday activities for young people
– Provision and management of weekly Youth Group activities
– Support to Milton Keynes Council and Thames Valley Police in maintenance of law and order in the local area, specifically with regard to issues such as anti social behaviour, illegal/irresponsible vehicle parking and/or speeding, irresponsible dog ownership and littering.
– Provision and management of litter and dog waste bins
– Grant funding support for local groups and charities (see further details under Our Services)

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